Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sleep, anyone??

Ever heard that phrase, “I slept like a baby!” and think… “Yes, I did sleep like a baby. Up until 2 am, then off and on until 5 am!” Difficulty with sleep is a very common problem.  It can be caused by stress, worry, pain, age, and life changes.  Insomnia can also be indicative of physical […]

Calming Jar

It is so important to start teaching children early about emotional regulation.  Teaching children to identify emotions and how to manage and control them is an important skill.  If we can teach them early on how to manage anger, sadness, and worry, this will only help them become more resilient teenagers and adults. Here is a fun idea […]

Beauty Defined 3

I remember the first time I was called ugly.  My parents were away on a trip, and my brothers were in charge.  I was probably about 10 or 11, and I was boarding the bus after school.  Behind me, an older boy looked directly at me and said, “You’re ugly”.  I didn’t realize until I got […]

Valentine’s Banner 2

I decided it was time to move forward from the winter into something fun.  I love banners, but have never really used them in my own home. And since I put create on my Winter Blue’s list, I decided to put another coping skill into play.  After I finished this project, I found I not only liked […]