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I love this picture.  It symbolizes so much about marriage.  Two individuals: two minds, two hearts, two spirits coming together in one journey.  They do not know what is ahead, but certainly have expectations.  They look in the same direction, but certainly with different perspectives.  They wait, together, sometimes touching, sometimes apart.  Marriage – what […]

Three Questions that Will Help Your Marriage

We all could use a little tune-up on our relationships regularly.  Relationships don’t just “happen”, and love certainly doesn’t maintain on its own.  Because love is a verb, we need to work at it. I remember when I had my twin babies, I was overwhelmed!  I had gone from 0 to 2 children in about 6 1/2 […]

10 Frugal (and Last Minute) Ideas for Your Sweetie for Valentine’s Day 6

It is important to show our love and appreciation to those we love on Valentine’s Day!  I know it sometimes seems contrived and prices magically seem to go up around this holiday, but it is an opportunity to celebrate love.  Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to make it special. Here are a couple simple and frugal ideas to […]

Faith vs. Fear 2

I remember I waited so long to have children, and finally we were blessed with two.  After the shock of raising twins wore off a little, I remember feeling overwhelmed by the threats in the world around me.  How could I possibly always protect my little ones from the terrible things happening daily in this […]

Pfeffernut Cookies and a Fun Book Series

My girls have enjoyed the Pfeffernut series of children’s books.  Henry Shortbull Swallows the Sun is their favorite that we have read together, but they also liked Fawn Brawn’s Big City Blues.  They are written by Jill Katz and have fun illustrations.  There is a recipe in the front for Pfeffernut cookies, and my girls have […]

Chill Pill or Deep Breath? One Key to Stress Management

Today is a busy day.  First, late for work because the sitter had an emergency and the baby spit up all over your shirt.  Then, rushing home to run the kids around: Kate to piano, Kyle to soccer.  Rush home to change the baby’s diaper and check email for that message you’ve been waiting for.  While […]