Monthly Archives: April 2014

Gratitude 1

I haven’t always been good at being grateful.  Sometimes life handed me lemons, and I became a bit of one.  I had to learn to find gratitude, to seek it out.  It became a sort of skill for me — one to help me create lemonade from all the lemons being handed out.  I am […]

For the Fight Against Pornography: He Restoreth My Soul Book Review

In relation to my Sunday Post, Safe Watch, I decided to do a book review on Donald Hilton’s book He Restoreth My Soul.  Dr. Hilton is a renowned neurosurgeon and was honored as one of the Best Doctors in America. I heard him speak at a conference recently and he has expertise not only in understanding the brain, […]

My All-Time Favorite Dessert – Cream Puffs 2

If I was alone on a desert island, and could only choose one dessert to eat before I burned alive in the sun, this would be my choice.  My mom used to make “eclairs” (some people call them cream puffs) when I was little, and I love them.  I recently learned that the difference between an éclair […]

Conference Fest 1

I thought in honor of General Conference, I would post several of my favorite conference talks from the last sessions.  For members of the LDS faith, General Conference comes two times a year.  Instead of going to our regular meeting house, we listen to a broadcast, where we are able to hear from our prophet and general leaders […]