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Vacation!! 1

I posted a new question of the week on my home page here.  Please check it out and feel free to share!!! We had a wonderful vacation to this place: Be sure to check out my question of the week to see where we went and a see few more pictures of this gorgeous place.  I would love […]

10 Essential Things I Have Learned from My Mother 19

I know Mother’s Day isn’t easy for many women. I am very aware of the struggle that this is, as I have experienced that many times, for many years. But, during those years, in the midst of my pain, I sometimes forgot my own loving mother. I sometimes was so consumed that I forgot what beauty I […]

mother's day

Tamale Pie: Cinco de Mayo Celebration! 16

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  I always thought it was Mexico’s Independence day, but it is not.  Cinco de May is a celebration of democracy and independence originating from Mexican-American communities in the early American West.  Either way, it is a great time to celebrate Mexican food!  I am thinking of having this for dinner tonight! This is […]

Seek the Sweet 8

I have been thinking a lot this week about this: This is caramel and chocolate with sprinkles of Oreo on top.  Looks so inviting.  It almost seems irresistible.  Until… This is how the adversary creeps into our lives.  Oft times, the things that he offers seem truly sweet, inviting, and appetizing.  It doesn’t always come […]

Frozen Paper Dolls: Cory Jensen 24

“Let it go!  Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore.” We have been on a Frozen frenzy since we first saw the movie.  My twin girls especially relate to the love between two sisters.  I found these on Facebook and was so excited!!  The paper dolls are a wonderful find, as most of the Frozen merchandise […]