Monthly Archives: July 2014

Experience Required 4

I reread the story of Job this week. He had all of those things we believe make someone happy: a family, wealth, land, friends. Yet, all of these were taken away and Job still had the most important thing:  Job had conviction in his beliefs and chose not to be shaken from them, even when everything […]

Ten Tips for Tired Moms 37

Are you a tired mom?  When I started to write this, I thought I’d do a little research about helps for tired moms.  When I finished my research, instead of being inspired, I was tired…more tired!  These are the suggestions out there for tired moms: 1.  Exercise 2.  Sleep 3.  Take a break 4.  Have a girls’ […]

Mountains 4

These past few weeks, I had the opportunity to spend a little time in the mountains.  As I stood and surveyed the beauty there, my mind wandered to the symbolism of a mountain. When I was a child, my family would often go up to the mountains in Little Cottonwood Canyon.  I always found a […]

Self-Harm: Some Facts and Helps 18

She’s sitting there alone, uncomfortable.  She keeps pulling down the sleeve on her long-sleeve shirt, avoiding eye-contact.  As she leans back, you notice some scratches on her wrist.   “What happened?” you ask. “Oh, my silly cat scratched me today.  We were just playing around outside and she scratched my arm.”   Quickly, she pulls […]

Luscious Lemon Bars 38

Whenever I think of lemon bars, I think of my mom.  I don’t know why.  It is a summery treat with that hint of sweetness and the kick of citrus.  The shortbread crust is just the right combination. This recipe comes from the Lion House Cookbook.  The Lion House is a landmark in Salt Lake […]