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Reverence During Church? Five Tips and a Giveaway 3

I remember when I first had my twin daughters and I started taking them to church. My husband was working an odd shift at work and couldn’t be with me. My wonderful sister-in-law would come to Sacrament meeting and help me with my girls. I was so tired during those days that I barely remember […]

Merry Christmas 2

The other night I found myself watching “Mr. Krueger’s Christmas” and crying my eyes out. And, this morning I found myself reading “The Other Shepherd” and crying again. Christmas brings with it a special feeling, and that feeling always manages to make  its way to my eyes. As I think about the true meaning of […]

Five Things Coach Gelwix Taught Me about Being Forever Strong 10

I recently had the opportunity to go to a devotional where Larry Gelwix was the main speaker.  He was the coach of the Highland Rugby team that was featured in the movie “Forever Strong”.  Coach Gelwix led the Highland rugby varsity team to an amazing record of 361 wins and 9 losses over 30 years. […]

Happy Easter

Just the other day, I was outside with my girls and we noticed a small bird fluttering in our garage.  It was reaching for the light, flittering back and forth and pushing against the windows, trying to get out.  I watched the poor bird struggle, flinging himself against the window, trying with all his might […]

Good Friday

Easter week is always a special week.  Focusing on the Savior and thinking about His last week on earth is an overwhelming and beautiful reminder.  Today is Good Friday.  This is the Friday preceding Easter Sunday.  Many Christians honor Good Friday as the commemoration of the Savior’s death and crucifixion.  I take the following from […]