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DiY Fabric Pumpkins: A Last Minute Centerpiece for Thanksgiving 9

I know most people are out there looking at Christmas decor, recipes, and gifts. Well, I am determined not to skip over Thanksgiving quite yet. My little ones and I settled in for an hour of making pumpkins! We had a great time sewing and decorating these little guys to get ready for Thanksgiving. In […]

Spring to Summer Succulents: Benefits of Gardening 21

In the spring, we were lucky enough to run into this succulent foliage at Lowes.  It came in a small square and we snatched it up.   We had three logs sitting around that we were wanting to do something with as accents to the flowers and bushes in our yard. This foliage would make […]

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? 29

My little ones turned five last week.  Five!  I still remember when they came home from the hospital.  My husband has never driven so carefully.  We had to do a car seat test to make sure their oxygen levels stayed high enough and then we loaded them in the car. Four pounds each. Eight pounds […]

Spring Skirts in 45 Minutes! 23

I cannot believe I am daring to post this!  You see, I am not really a seamstress.  I sew, but wouldn’t attempt to do so for anyone else, in fear that they would criticize my crooked lines, or offer me sewing tips.  I still remember when I was asked to play the organ for my church a few […]