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Cheesy Cheddar Potato Soup 4

I love this cheesy cheddar potato soup during the colder months. It is a version of the Lion House Recipe of Canadian Cheese Soup. I made it last week as my hubby and litle ones have not felt well. It makes enough for a crowd, so we had lots of leftovers for our small family. […]

Chicken and Green Chile Tortilla Casserole 16

I am seeing a pattern begin with all these chicken recipes!!  I guess we eat a lot of chicken at my house.  This is funny because when we were first married, my sweet hubby didn’t consider chicken “meat”. To be real meat, it must be beef! We’ve come a long way, baby!! So, this chicken […]

Tamale Pie: Cinco de Mayo Celebration! 16

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!  I always thought it was Mexico’s Independence day, but it is not.  Cinco de May is a celebration of democracy and independence originating from Mexican-American communities in the early American West.  Either way, it is a great time to celebrate Mexican food!  I am thinking of having this for dinner tonight! This is […]