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Frozen Paper Dolls: Cory Jensen 24

“Let it go!  Let it go! Can’t hold it back anymore.” We have been on a Frozen frenzy since we first saw the movie.  My twin girls especially relate to the love between two sisters.  I found these on Facebook and was so excited!!  The paper dolls are a wonderful find, as most of the Frozen merchandise […]

10 Ideas for Healthy and Happy Kids 2

Raising children is one of the most daunting tasks an adult can face.  They each come with their own personalities, abilities, and challenges.  I have twins, and this has taught me very quickly that regardless of how they come, they are each so different.  They learn differently, they love differently, they think differently.  That is why raising […]


I promised to do a post on cyberbullying in my two previous posts, Bullying: Awareness, and Bullying: Prevention and Intervention. Cyberbullying is bullying that occurs online, using cell phones, computers, or other electronic devices.  Cyberbullying includes: mean texts or emails; spreading rumors by text, email, or on social networking sites; embarrassing pictures or videos taken and texted, […]

Stop Bullying: Step 2 Prevention and Intervention

My first post on bullying was to help raise awareness about what bullying is.  In addition to understanding what bullying is, we need to recognize if our children are being bullied, or even if our children may be bullies.  Some children bully out of need for attention, popularity, or ignorance.  Others learn that bullying gives them a sense of […]

Stop Bullying! Step 1: Awareness 1

  Over the past few days, I have run across several things regarding bullying.  First, was the beautiful video that I share below.  Second, I saw a post on Facebook about a beautiful girl who has been bullied so much at her school because of “differences”.  These bullying attacks have affected her self-esteem and she doesn’t believe […]

Reading, Cuddling, and Zooming! 1

  You may think this is off the beaten track of stress relief, but stay with me for a minute!  We all know that reading to our children is important.  It helps them in so many ways: academic excellence, stronger parent/child relationships, speech and communication skills, love of reading and learning, and logical thinking skills.  But in […]

Calming Jar

It is so important to start teaching children early about emotional regulation.  Teaching children to identify emotions and how to manage and control them is an important skill.  If we can teach them early on how to manage anger, sadness, and worry, this will only help them become more resilient teenagers and adults. Here is a fun idea […]