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Valentine’s Day Roundup: food, kids, decor, love 3

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! Are you looking for a few ideas? Here are several ideas to cover the bases for this Valentine’s Day! Food, kids, decor, and – of course – love! Enjoy this Valentine’s Day Roundup! Are you ready? Let’s start with a little decor: 1. Valentine’s Banner by Balm to My Soul […]


I love this picture.  It symbolizes so much about marriage.  Two individuals: two minds, two hearts, two spirits coming together in one journey.  They do not know what is ahead, but certainly have expectations.  They look in the same direction, but certainly with different perspectives.  They wait, together, sometimes touching, sometimes apart.  Marriage – what […]

Three Questions that Will Help Your Marriage

We all could use a little tune-up on our relationships regularly.  Relationships don’t just “happen”, and love certainly doesn’t maintain on its own.  Because love is a verb, we need to work at it. I remember when I had my twin babies, I was overwhelmed!  I had gone from 0 to 2 children in about 6 1/2 […]