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Valentine’s Day Roundup: food, kids, decor, love 3

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! Are you looking for a few ideas? Here are several ideas to cover the bases for this Valentine’s Day! Food, kids, decor, and – of course – love! Enjoy this Valentine’s Day Roundup! Are you ready? Let’s start with a little decor: 1. Valentine’s Banner by Balm to My Soul […]

10 Frugal (and Last Minute) Ideas for Your Sweetie for Valentine’s Day 6

It is important to show our love and appreciation to those we love on Valentine’s Day!  I know it sometimes seems contrived and prices magically seem to go up around this holiday, but it is an opportunity to celebrate love.  Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to make it special. Here are a couple simple and frugal ideas to […]