23 Ways to Regain the Christmas Spirit When You’ve Been Scrooged 2

  If you are coming by from Camille’s Advent Calendar, welcome!! You can check out the rest of her posts here.   Ever feel grumpy around Christmas? You know, really Scrooge-worthy? You’ve been driving around with crying, unhappy children looking for those last few gifts and you just can’t take one more: “Mom, I need […]

23 Ways to Reclaim the Christmas Spirit When You've Been Scrooged

All I Want for Christmas is An Ironing Board

All I Want for Christmas is an Ironing Board 12

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it is true: All I Want for Christmas is An Ironing Board I know what you are thinking: An ironing board? Seriously? I hate ironing. Yep. I know. I gotcha. You see, I hate ironing too. But, I started thinking about it the other day and realized something. You […]

The Christmas Story that Came in Second Place 2

This time of year always brings the emotions close to the surface. This past week, my niece, who has served the last 18 months of her life on a mission for our church, returned home–safe and sound. Today I will be traveling to hear her speak about her experiences. My heart is full of gratitude […]

My Grandmother's Nativity 1

9 Ways to Banish Holiday Stress Forever

9 Ways to Banish Holiday Stress Forever! 15

Today, I am posting on an Advent Calendar from Camille’s site Chicken Scratch N Sniff. She has had this advent calendar going all month. You should check it out!! If you want to see yesterday’s post, go here. If you want to start at the beginning and see all of them, go to Camille’s site […]

Cheesy Cheddar Potato Soup 4

I love this cheesy cheddar potato soup during the colder months. It is a version of the Lion House Recipe of Canadian Cheese Soup. I made it last week as my hubby and litle ones have not felt well. It makes enough for a crowd, so we had lots of leftovers for our small family. […]

Cheesy cheddar Potato Soup adapted from The Lion House

Chocolate Peppermint Pie1

Guest Post at Simply Sweet Home: Chocolate Peppermint Pie 10

Today I am guest posting at Simply Sweet Home. I will give you one little preview, and then head on over to check it out at Jerri’s page. I would love it if you would show this post some love!! Chocolate Pie with White Chocolate Peppermint Mousse   Seriously, doesn’t this look yummy? Head on […]

4 Generous Gifts for the Holidays that Won’t Cost You a Dime 44

If you are coming over from SITS: Welcome!! I am so excited to be starting December, and what a great way to start!! Today I want to share with you a lesson from the Grinch. He can teach all of us a few things about Christmas. He can teach us a lesson of the heart. […]

Welcome Christmas


The First Gift of Christmas 6

I must admit that I have been a bit of a grump lately. Everything seems to irritate me and I have been overly stressed and worried, which has led to grumpiness. I caught a cold several weeks ago and still haven’t felt up to par. Anyone relate? In my work, this time of year often […]

DiY Fabric Pumpkins: A Last Minute Centerpiece for Thanksgiving 9

I know most people are out there looking at Christmas decor, recipes, and gifts. Well, I am determined not to skip over Thanksgiving quite yet. My little ones and I settled in for an hour of making pumpkins! We had a great time sewing and decorating these little guys to get ready for Thanksgiving. In […]

DiY Fabric Pumpkins12

Motherhood Moments Serenity Prayer

When You Wash and Dry Your Garage Door Opener 8

So, the other day I washed and dried my garage door opener. I threw in a load of laundry before work and rushed out the door. After work, I came home and threw the laundry in the dryer. While I was making a cheese sandwich, I said to my husband, “Do you hear the garage door […]