Out of the Ashes: When We Grieve 3

There are moments in life when you truly wonder: Will I get through this? Those are the moments when you are shaken to your very core, down to the bones. My brother died in January. It was sudden. Too soon. Too unexpected. Too painful. Too…much of everything. And when he died, something inside of me broke. […]


mother's day

To All of Us on Mother’s Day 1

Mother’s Day tends to bring out many, many different emotions. There were many Mother’s Days when I felt pain and anguish, and there are Mother’s Days where I feel happiness. There have been moments of guilt and sorrow, and moments of joy. And this Mother’s Day comes with a little of all of those emotions. […]

When Gratitude is Imperfect 5

As November started, I decided to start having a nightly gratitude session with my little ones. Each night, we would each share three things we were grateful for. I thought this was such a great idea, and I could teach my little ones the power of gratitude. It was going really well for two whole […]

Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude


A Light at Last Chance Bay 1

In 1988, my father took two of my brothers and two of their friends on a trip to Lake Powell on our boat. It was tradition to take a yearly trip to Lake Powell and my parents were always willing allow us to invite friends. My brothers looked forward to these trips. Lake Powell is […]

A Light in the Darkness 1

I have been thinking this week a lot about light. I think it is interesting how light has so many different meanings. Light can be used to connote a source of light, like a lightbulb or a headlight or even a small candle. Another definition, according to Miriam Webster is “something that makes vision possible” […]

I am the light of the world John 812

The pessimist sess difficulty in every opportunity Winston Churchill

Lemons, Pebbles, and Optimism 3

I recently was asked to speak about “When Life Gives You Lemons” by a friend to a group of women in her church group. She wanted the focus to be on how we can find happiness and peace even in the midst of difficulty. I remember thinking: “Sure, I can do that!” But, then came […]

Five Ways Fall Can Make You a Better Person 32

Fall is here.  I just made my first pot of chili with cornbread last night. It reminded me that we are there: Fall. I love the smells of fall, the colors, the beginning of the exciting holiday season.  I love the foods of Fall.  The sounds of leaves crunching under your boots.  I love the […]

Five Ways Fall Can Make You a Better Person

Motherhood all love beings and ends there by Robert Browning

Mother Quotes that Will Touch Your Heart 3

I know that Mother’s Day is often a difficult time for many women. There were many years when Mother’s Day was painful and difficult for me. But, as I have become a mother, and as I look back at the wonderful years I have had with my own mother, I wanted to share some of those […]

Beef and Broccoli 30 minute meal Yum!

Beef with Broccoli 9

My husband loves red meat, and we don’t eat very much of it at our house. I finally caved and bought some red meat and we celebrated with this recipe: beef and broccoli. It was truly simple and delicious. The meat and broccoli cook so quickly, you can have this on the table before your […]