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Are you a tired mom?  When I started to write this, I thought I’d do a little research about helps for tired moms.  When I finished my research, instead of being inspired, I was tired…more tired!  These are the suggestions out there for tired moms:

1.  Exercise

2.  Sleep

3.  Take a break

4.  Have a girls’ night

5.  Get a massage

They are probably right.  If moms did those things, maybe we wouldn’t be so tired.


But, did they forget what a mom does?  Were those articles actually written by tired moms?  Motherhood isn’t the kind of job that gets 15 minute breaks every two hours, and a 30 minute lunch. Moms don’t always get breaks, or time for a girls’ night, or have extra money for beauty treatments. I promise you, if I saw a sign at the corner that said: “$50 gift certificates for moms. Stop here.” I might stop…if my kids weren’t hungry for lunch, or the ice cream wasn’t melting in the back of the car from the grocery trip, or I wasn’t worried about being robbed.

Although the above may be the “right” answers, sometimes being a mom means you don’t always have the time in between diaper changes, dirty laundry, making meals, your teenager’s extra-curricular activities, and cleaning the toilets to  take a 60 minute spinning class, and have a leisurely massage afterwards.  

And, I didn’t even mention a fraction of the things that moms do every day.  

As I thought about what I do to stay sane, I came up with a few things tired moms can do today, right now, for free and in just a few minutes.  These things won’t make all your fatigue go away or inspire you to write a novel or create something fantastic, but maybe these tips will help you get through another day and be a little happier!  I know they have helped me.

Is this a magical list for tired moms?  No.  

Is it feasible?  Yes.  

And free. 

To all the tired mamas out there, don’t give up!  Motherhood is a divine calling.  You are raising our most precious commodity.

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10 Tips for Tired Moms

1.  Sit down.  Sit for longer than five minutes, without interruption.  Don’t get up for the phone, for your toddler’s drink, or for the doorbell.  Just sit.  Just be.  99% of things can wait five minutes.

2.  Turn off the electronics. No TV, no computer, no email or social media.  Please don’t look at Facebook or check your email.  Put it away for a few minutes.  Quiet your mind and your media.  You need a few minutes without everyone else telling you about their vacation, their date night, or the six course dinner they made from Pinterest.  You even need a break from all those cat videos.  Shut it down.

3.  Silence:  Find a moment of quiet.  Maybe you will have to escape to the front porch, or lock the bathroom door, but find some silence.  You will be amazed at how calming that can be for your well-being.  We all need a little quiet.

4.  Send up a little prayer.  Kneel down. Ask for a little extra help. Share your frustrations and your heart. There is One who is listening and understands.  

5.  Take some deep breaths.  Count in and out. Close your eyes. Fill up your abdominal cavity and let out all the stress as you exhale. Do this until you feel the stress diminishing.

6.  Look at some pictures of your little ones.  Remember the good times.  Remember how you laughed together; when you went on vacation.  Remember when they spilled the flour all over the kitchen and you snapped the picture just as they fell right in the middle of it.  It will make you smile and remember that there are perks to being a mom.

7.  Remind yourself that you can do it.  Moms are stronger than they think.  You did it yesterday. You’ve cleaned up the poop, throw-up, rotten food, and spilled milk: you can do this.  Just take one day, one hour, one minute at a time.  You can do it.

8.  Cuddle: Find a minute to cuddle those little ones in your home. Don’t worry about the bathroom or the laundry or dinner or the unanswered emails or the bills or the meetings.  Just sit down together and cuddle. If you have teenagers that don’t want to cuddle, cuddle with your pillow or your hubby.

9.  You are not alone.  It may feel like it at 2 am.  It may feel like it when you haven’t seen your gal pals in an eternity, but they are there. They have been there too. They may even be there right now.  

10.  Share. Call a friend, your mom, or your husband. Share your heart and let it out. Shed a few tears, if you will. Letting it out, sharing your frustrations, and even crying have been shown to offer relief to someone who is struggling, We all like to know we aren’t alone. We all need to be heard.  Sometimes just making that phone call can relieve enough of the stress and fatigue to just keep you going a little longer. 

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These are some things that have work for me.  I hope they can help you!

Other tips:

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What do you do when you are a tired mama?  Please share!


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Wife, mother of twins, speaker, and creator of Balm to My Soul. I love to write, speak, sleep, snuggle and, if I really get lucky, inspire and help others. I am clearly imperfect but determined to be a little better every day. Some days are better than others! Thanks for stopping by!

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37 thoughts on “Ten Tips for Tired Moms

  • Reply

    This is a great list. Being a mom is no easy task, and sometimes we can feel nearly overwhelmed. It’s good to take a moment to pray, relax, breathe, and refocus. Thanks for sharing.

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thanks Karen. You are exactly right. Being a mom is exhausting and overwhelming, but it is a wonderful thing too. Thanks so much for coming by! Have a beautiful day!

  • Reply
    Limeade Gal

    Hi Elizabeth! Sorry it’s been awhile since I.visited your blog. This is a really great article with some wonderful tips ( even for someone without children). Thank you for reminding me that I need to slow down, make time for myself 🙂
    Have a beautiful evening!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      You are always so supportive! And, you are exactly right, we all need these things, regardless of children. Thanks for reminding me of that! Have a beautiful week!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thank you, Carrie!! I know that I need these often (if not daily, right now!). Thanks for stopping by and for the feature!

  • Reply

    Excellent advice! My kids are older now (23, 20, 14, & 11), but I remember so vividly the days when I wore “tired” like an old bathrobe. It gets easier, sweet mama…Hang in there! <3

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Ah, Candy. Thanks! I like your analogy of wearing tired like an old bathrobe. Made me relate and laugh at the same time. Thanks for stopping over and for the encouragement!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      I am so glad it was helpful!! I hope it is helpful to your sweet daughter as well! Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I really appreciate it!

  • Reply
    Brandi Clevinger

    Yes, I’m tired a lot of the time because I have four little ones, but I also have fibromyalgia and that makes me even more tired. One of the ways I learned to be ‘less tired’ (if it’s even possible) is to make my room a sanctuary for retreat, if needed. My sanctuary is free of all toys, photos of the kids, and electronics! And when I need a quick five minutes to decompress and de-stress, that is where I go and close the door. It works every time!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Brandi, I agree that the room needs to be a sanctuary free of “kid stuff” and other distractions. We need at least one place where we can find peace in our homes. Great suggestion!

  • Reply
    Sarah Ann

    This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear!!! I started one of those lists awhile ago too, but I love your practical suggestions that can really happen. Thanks so much for sharing at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thanks, Sarah Ann. I posted this because I think sometimes as a mom all you have is a few minutes and we all need a little something to keep us going. I know I have needed it the past few weeks! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  • Reply

    These tips are definitely more realistic than the ones above. I try to take a few minutes during nap time, if I can get the kids to take one. Otherwise, it seems like the bathroom is the only place this happens, with me leaning on the door. Thanks for sharing!

    Your Co Host from Creative Style Link Up ~~April~~

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      I had to LOL when I heard your description of leaning on the door!! I can so relate. I don’t know if someone who hasn’t experienced it can understand how literally even privacy is taken away as a mom. I am working on getting a smidgen of that back now that my little ones are getting older. Wish me luck!

  • Reply

    These are great tips! So far I’ve had it easier with just one child. I can try to sleep when he does. Once we have this baby though that should be rather interesting. 🙂

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Yes, I bet it is easier with one child. I used to crave nap time. Now my little ones have grown out of nap time! Good luck with your next little one!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thanks Lauren! I think cuddling really makes a difference, for me and the kids (and for hubby as well…lol). Thanks for stopping by!

  • Reply
    Gaylene Glenn

    Elizabeth, I really liked these suggestions, and I use a lot of them. The one about calling your mom really struck me. in my opinion and experience, calling my mother was the best help for me when I started feeling discouraged. Although she passed away a year before our youngest daughter was born, which was a little over ten years ago, occasionally I can still hear my mother telling me, “Gaylene, you’re doing a good job.” (When Melissa was little, Marci was about three or four years old, and the house was a mess and there was laundry to be done, and I felt like my in-laws didn’t like me, I called my mother, and she gently and lovingly used those magic words: “You;re doing a good job.” What a comfort they were then and now.

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      What a sweet memory of your mom, Gaylene. I have the same feelings about my mom. She can lift me up by just saying a few small things. I am so glad that you still have those memories. Thank you for sharing!

  • Reply

    I love love love this. If I got enough sleep I’d have the energy to exercise and I probably wouldn’t be as tired.

    At night once I put my kid to bed and tidy up I try to have a few moments of quiet time. Sure my mind races through my to do list, but it is still nice to just enjoy the quiet.

  • Reply
    Stacey Gannett

    What an awesome post! I try to find some good relaxation music, after the family goes to bed. Or well actually, any kind of music can help me relax, it just depends on what I am in the mood for. Have a great week! #ibablogger