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Fall is here.  I just made my first pot of chili with cornbread last night. It reminded me that we are there: Fall.

I love the smells of fall, the colors, the beginning of the exciting holiday season.  I love the foods of Fall.  The sounds of leaves crunching under your boots.  I love the scarves, the sense of seasons changing.

I love the symbolism of Fall.

Fall is symbolic to me of many things.  One of my favorite stories about Fall came to me last year.  You can read about that here.

Let me give you five ways Fall can change you:

1. Shed the old leaves to prepare for new growth.

At our old home, we had several established trees. They were large, beautiful silver maples, and throughout the year they provided such great shade for our home.  Fall would come, and I would curse those trees! I cannot tell you the number of leaves they would shed: bags and bags and bags of leaves — all waiting to be raked into piles and bagged.  

As I thought about Fall this year, I realized that there is a purpose in the shedding of leaves.  It is a process that allows for new growth to begin. There are times when I need to shed the old to prepare room for the new.  It may be a negative friend, those 10-year-old jeans, or the struggle you have with a bad habit.

Fall is the perfect time to let go of those things that are not working anymore.  It gives us the space we need to prepare for what’s ahead.

Fall Flowers  

2. Find the beauty in change.

I always love to watch the leaves change.  They turn so many beautiful colors: yellow, orange, pink, red, brown.  It is one of my favorite times of the year to take pictures. There is so much beauty in those changing leaves.

Although I admit that I struggle with change, I believe it in. Firmly.  I would not want to be the person I was 15 years ago.  I have gained knowledge, understanding and empathy with my years of growth.

Even now, through present changes, I see there are things I am learning.  These lessons are learned sometimes slowly, often painfully, but with the intent that they can make me better.

I can choose to allow the change to make me bitter and crumble, like a dead, brown leaf, or I can choose to see how beautiful change can be. Red, brown, orange, pink.  These are the colors of change.  These are the opportunities before me.

Just like the story of the man pushing on the rock.  He may never move that rock, but He can change. He can gain strength. He can develop muscles.  He can find purpose.  He can manifest faith.  Those things may not move the rock, but they will change the man.

Fall Gold in its Pocket

 3. Prepare yourself for more difficult times.

Fall is also a reminder that we all have winters ahead. Whether we see it or not, every one of us has difficult times. 

Fall is a reminder to prepare. We may not know what is ahead, but we can prepare ourselves physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually for those difficult times.  When we fill ourselves, we will find we have the reserves to make it through when times get tough.  It is hard to run an engine on an empty tank of gas.

4. Use all of your senses.

This one I love. Fall reminds me of all the beauty that I can experience.  The smells of the leaves.  The wetness of the ground.  The colors all around. The tastes of fall food.  The feel of the changing weather. The sound of crunching leaves.  When I use all of my senses, I find that I enjoy life a little more, notice the beauty a little more, and feel gratitude in my heart for what I am surrounded by.

Fall Beauty

5. Trim off the things that are holding you back.

I recently read an analogy of pruning.  Cutting something back almost seems to be the opposite of what we want. Don’t we want things to grown larger and bigger? Why would we want to cut something back and hinder the growth?

The truth about pruning, is that when you cut off the larger, older branches, the tree is able to send back greater nourishment to the newer growth. This allows for the new growth to flourish, for more fruit to develop, and also inhibits disease and rot. There are things in your life that have been there a while. They are probably comfortable. But, they may be holding you back from growth. Think about it right now. What are those things? What needs to be pruned away?

What do you need to give up so you are able to move forward?


So, here is the list:

Five Ways Fall Can Make You a Better Person

What have you learned about yourself from fall?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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Wife, mother of twins, speaker, and creator of Balm to My Soul. I love to write, speak, sleep, snuggle and, if I really get lucky, inspire and help others. I am clearly imperfect but determined to be a little better every day. Some days are better than others! Thanks for stopping by!

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32 thoughts on “Five Ways Fall Can Make You a Better Person

  • Reply
    Brittany Bullen

    Just lovely, Elizabeth. I have one thing I’m working on shedding this fall– pounds! I’ve been working out like a mad woman trying to get ready for an audition in November… not much time, but I’m hoping for the best.

    I love that your posts are always full of inspirational memes. How are they doing on Pinterest for you?

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Brittany, Wow!! Good luck. Isn’t losing weight so hard? You are so motivated though, I am sure you will do it. Let me know how it goes!! I do find that the inspirational memes get pinned. I am working on figuring out what gets pinned the most. People love a great pic with an awesome quote. I have an inspirational group board that seems to do well, but am always on the lookout for a few more! I have fun making them. Thanks for stopping by, as always!

  • Reply
    Ana Lynn

    Interesting way to think about fall. I have to admit I am not too crazy about it but I do prefer fall to winter. This gives me a fresh perspective and food for thought. Thanks Elizabeth!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      I don’t love winter either, but I do love the holiday season. Thanks for stopping Ana, and for always being supportive! I really do appreciate it and am glad we are getting to know one another!

  • Reply

    Wonderfully inspiring post! I think you did a great job relating the change of seasons to a positive opportunity for self-improvement. I think I need to shed self-doubt and judgement. These two things hold back new growth and opportunity. Thank you for the positive words!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thank you, Tammi. I have several things I need to shed. Self-doubt is one I am working on as well. Have a beautiful weekend.

  • Reply
    Angela Gilmore

    I love this post! I feel the same way about Fall, it’s a time to reflect and take a cue from the trees, let it all fall away and start fresh. Of course we have to go through Winter first, but even that has it’s upsides. Have a great weekend! I’ve really enjoyed your posts this week!

  • Reply
    Megan Kubasch

    This is such a beautiful post. I am SUCH an Autumn girl. Summer is nice because every once in a while the sun shines and the breeze is perfect and it’s not too hot…. but I really love fall. It is the perfect season for jeans, sweatshirts, comfy clothes in general, coffee and tea and bon fires and camping and just everything that is good in this world. And you can put on about 10 lbs of winter weight because you don’t have to worry about wearing a swimsuit for the next 5 months. Stopping in from the #IBA facebook thread 🙂 have a beautiful weekend Elizabeth 🙂

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thank you Megan. I am with you. Love all the clothes of fall!! Thank you for the sweet comments and you have a great weekend as well! #ibabloggers

  • Reply
    Katie Wassink

    Beautiful post! What a fantastic way to consider the season of change upon us. What a great idea to look thoughtfully at all the change and to rejoice in it. Some plants are pruned and cut back in fall – others spring – just depends on the season. Just like in life! Thanks for this! #ibabloggers

  • Reply
    Lauren Tamm

    I love fall. It’s always been a time of reflection for me. And you are right, Elizabeth, it’s a time to prepare for challenges ahead and also tp prepare for change. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts as always. Every time I visit your site, I always feel so encouraged. Have a wonderful day!


    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Lauren, every time you stop by I feel like we have a lot in common. Thank you for your very kind words of encouragement always! Have a great day yourself.

  • Reply

    I’ve learned that even though change is hard (I just got to college!) I can grow and kind of thrive from it. The whole experience has also taught me to go with my gut when it comes to taking care of myself (I need sleep to remain sane, for example) and to take life as it comes and try to have fun and enjoy everything, even if there’s no schedule.

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      I love that, Ellen. You are already more in tune with yourself than I was in college. Sleep is definitely a necessity. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  • Reply
    Fern (NappyGoddesse)

    LOVE this post! I really like how you use the fall (change in seasons) to encourage your readers to make themselves better. The analogy between the falling of leaves and pruning of trees to the shedding of your old self to make room for a new self to grow is really inspiring. Thank you for this read:)

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thank you Fern. I am so glad you found it inspiring. I love your comments and appreciate that you stopped over. Have a great day!

  • Reply
    Mrs. AOK

    I absolutely love how you see all the positive of fall. We can make an improvement in ourselves each season, perhaps set new goals for ourselves. This fall I want to make sure I do not allow myself to become idle, I’ve been doing good at self improvement inside and out, sometimes the cold accompanied by the days growing shorter makes me lazy.
    Great post!

    • Reply
      balmtomysoul Post author

      Thank you. I am always trying to work on self improvement as well. I think during the winter I prefer to stay inside, which can lead to less managed time. Thanks for your kind words!

  • Reply

    Oh yes, how I love fall for these and many other reasons! Thank you so much for linking up this great post at Family Fun Friday. I will be featuring it on my blog at this week’s link up. Blessings, Misty

  • Reply

    I pinned this to my inspirational board, I love it! Your do right & I agree with these tips. It’s great to shed off the stress from the season before. I’m stopping by from SITS & I hope your having a great day.